Sunday, September 8, 2013

April 2013 Highlights

April brings spring so Andrea and Jason (with their family) spent their spring break housesitting for Jason's parents in Salt Lake. We were empty nesters for a week. Spring time means "working in the yard" time. We tried to get the sprinkling system going after two years of neglect. One line stayed on no matter what we tried - bad valve. Paul tried to fix it, but finally gave in and had a neighbor come to fix it. This lead to the main valve breaking which resulted in a 6-foot deep hole in our front yard and the water turned off for a day. It turned out OK; however, since we had a 50-gallon barrel of water we used to flush the toilets, etc. It was an adventure in survival. By the time Andre & Jason returned we had running water again. We were able to continue our yard work, which included redoing our waterwheel and pond as well as Diane's rock garden.

Old waterwheel and pond
Old rock garden
Before our mission our nephew Steven and his wife Melissa would visit us in Logan for General Conference. He just accepted a job offer with Google in San Jose so they made their last visit this month. We have always enjoyed their visits, but we were especially pleased when they gave us tickets to the Utah Symphony in Salt Lake. Several years ago as a student at BYU, Steve had tickets for the BYU orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's 5th symphony (one of my favorites). Since he couldn't attend he gave us the tickets. Actually the symphony played Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony instead of the 5th. Now he had tickets for the Utah Symphony playing both the 5th and 6th symphonies. Since he left for California the day before the concert, we got the tickets. It was a wonderful concert (thanks Steve). We decided to stay the night (Apr 13) so we got a room in the Marriott across the street from Symphony Hall. We arose early to attend the Tabernacle Choir broadcast. We attended church at the Portuguese branch in Salt Lake. Diane said she understood most of it. 

We also had a brief visit from my brother Doug and his wife Linda as they were passing through Logan. It has been a long time since we have seen them. 

At the beginning of the month we volunteered at the American West Heritage Center for their Baby Animals day. Paul was an engineer and Diane a pioneer again. Since we were last there they built a new shed to house the train.

Train in the new train shed.
"In the meantime" (the title of the the stake Relief Society spring conference) Diane was able to learn more about organizing records, adult wellness, and 72-hour kits. She really enjoys the activities presented by the Relief Society - at least until now that she is responsible for the activities in the ward. Diane has been made an honorary High Priest - at least she was asked to play the piano for the annual High Priests Quorum Meeting held on April 28th. Does that mean she can now sleep in church?

Paul is still working with the teacher-aged boys (14-15). This means he can attend joint activities with the young women. This month it was bowling. He was able to take both Hanna and Kamary.

Is that a strike, Kamary?
Kamary with her friends Valerie and Brittany
April is birthday time for Paul. He always enjoys his strawberry-banana pie (gluten-free, of course). This year he had to hunt all over the house for his gifts using clues left by Kamary. I also got a cross-stitch from Hanna who designs and makes her own patterns.

One of Kamary's clues
Hanna's cross stitch
Another month passes by, but spring is welcome.

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