Sunday, September 8, 2013

May 2013 Highlights

May started out celebrating Andrea's birthday. It is a good way to start the month. She had her special Black Forest Cherry Chocolate Cream dessert. Diane was able to take her out for lunch at the Hu Hut Mongolian Barbecue while Paul stayed home with Brynlie. We all enjoyed the barbecue chicken, roasted vegetables, and pineapple rice for her evening meal.

Andrea is not the only one who likes her dessert
We are trying to get ideas for plants in the garden. There is so much to do we don't know where to start. We visit nurseries and try to get ideas form well-landscaped gardens.
Rock pathway on north side of house
We decided to visit the grounds of the Logan Temple to get ideas for Diane's rock garden. It made a good outing for Lauren and Brynlie.
Logan Temple rock garden
Lauren and Brynlie at the Logan Temple
Family Home Evenings are a lot more fun with six children. We are able to rotate lessons, prayers, and refreshments.

Andrea giving the FHE lesson
We also enjoy outings. On May 11th we decided to drive up the canyon for a little outing. We ended up at the Hydro Park and then 1st Dam at the mouth of Logan Canyon. The children enjoyed climbing the mountain and playing in the water while we enjoyed watching the Canadian Geese with their 9 babies. Paul hiked up the mountain across from the lake and found some very nice views.

Lauren on the rocks
Kohler, the mountain climber
Alyssa & Brynlie get their feet wet
Andrea and Kamary - the onlookers
The beach from across the lake

On May 14th we took a stroll around King Nature Park at the mouth of Green Canyon. It is possible to hike from the park to Tony Grove Lake up Logan Canyon. 

One Saturday the Varsity Scouts were planning on a hike up Green Canyon. Paul got ready and went to the church to meet with them. No one showed up. Since he was ready for a hike he decided to go up the canyon to find them. After hiking from our house to the end of the road (about 6 miles) he returned in the evening (another 6 miles) tired and sore without finding them. It ended up that a few of them changed their minds and hiked up to the reflectors on the mountain east of us in stead of Green Canyon.

Super hikers
Lauren and Brynlie

We returned to our Memorial Day tradition this year. We went to Ogden on the Saturday before Memorial Day to decorate graves. We spent Memorial Day planting the yard. Paul took off for a bit to check out the Mountain Man Rendezvous being held up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. He better not start wearing leather and growing a beard. He wants to be able to be a mountain man at the American West Heritage Center.

Paul went to Cinnamon Creek camp at the end of the month for Varsity Scout training. It means he may be a little more involved with the scouting aspect of his calling as the Teacher's Quorum adviser. 

Summer is officially here so we are preparing for the heat. The grandkids are out of school, so we will see what the summer break brings.

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