Monday, November 4, 2013

June 2013 Highlights

Summer has started full swing. Diane has been selected as the artifacts leader for DUP so she now has to find out what that means. She had to opportunity to help out at the DUP museum here in Logan. It has a lot of interesting (meaning old) items to look at. Diane is also in charge of special meetings for the Relief Society. The meeting this month was on Family History. Both Diane and Andrea were involved in it and it went very well (of course) in spite of much consternation leading up to it.

Diane in her normal working position at the computer
Paul has been working with the varsity scouts in building a trebuchet (an medieval siege engine) that should be able to launch pumpkins hundreds of yards. It is a slow process and will take several months to complete.
Building a trebuchet

We have returned to the American West Heritage Center again this summer. diane is a pioneer and Paul is the train engineer. We will give a greater account in the future. As part of this we joined the AWHC trek experience to give stories about handcart pioneers. We chose Elizabeth Tait who was born and raised in India then joined the Willie handcart company.

June is always a beautiful time to live in Logan.

A Logan sunset
The mountain across from the park
We got a little culture this summer by checking out of the library the BBC miniseries "Lark to Candleford" we watched each of the episodes for the two years. We also went to see "Anne of Green Gables" at the Eccles Theater which featured several of our friends. We first saw the production when we visited Prince Edward Island while on sabbatical.

June is a good month to work in the yard. Since the grandchildren didn't use the small playhouse in the back yard (afraid there might be bees around it) we took it down and planted an herb garden in its place.

Most of the month was spent having fun with the grandkids. There are advantages to having then live with us.
Kamary in her normal playing position on her bed
The Gong Fu duo, Kohler and Alyssa
Lauren sleeping with the dog
Atlas (Brynlie) holding up the world
A normal morning for Kamary and Alyssa
 One evening we decided to go to the park and play softball for Family Home Evening. I decided I'm too old for softball.
Kohler, the catcher - look at that concentration
Jason was the designated pitcher
Batter up - Alyssa and Kohler 
How do we fit three on the base?
Brynlie, Hanna and Andrea
Strike ten - Kamary is a #10
Diane is ready to hit a homer
There is always extra-curricular activity with Alyssa and Kamary
This has been a nice month to start the summer.

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