Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's day in June in Washington then again here in Brazil today. I don't mind getting two Father Days in a year.

This week was a little more exciting. On Monday we had our special Family Home Evening on traditional foods of Brazil. Several thought it was interesting and gave the proper "Yuck" when we showed the Sarapatel (pig innards cooked in its own blood) and Buchada de Bode (goat innards stuffed in a stomach). For refreshments or light dinner Diane prepared a delicious Caipira dish (Assada Mista), açaí sorbet, and other treats from around Brazil.

Our book on Brazilian foods
On Tuesday the Area Presidency approved 24 names as Counsel Technology Specialists (only 10 more to go). This will be the first for Brazil (and for the world, as far as that goes). On Friday letters went out from the Area Presidency for callings to be made and to have them set apart. By next week we could start contacting them to arrange training. These are the ones who will train stake and district technology specialists.

We have been preparing presentations for a big meeting Friday including metrics of our work here and what we will be doing for the rest of the year. We found out Wednesday that the meeting is postponed for a week so the pressure is off. When we got home Wednesday night the power was out in the condo so we had to walk up 6 flights of stairs (20 steps each) to get to our room. Lights were on, but nothing else. We used matches to light the gas stove for dinner and waited for the power to come back on to start the laundry - late night!.

Friday turned out to be a different day. We were all called together to be informed that it was Evanir's last day at work; he is retiring. He was the one responsible for Webcasts - now I will need to learn how to do it before Elder Oaks comes in September. We all went to a Japanese restaurant for a farewell lunch for Evanir. On the way I felt something biting me on the side. After 8 bites (or stings) I got it out. The Brazilians said it looked like a type of fly that bites and lays eggs in the skin. I'm just waiting for the maggots to start coming out. It could have been an orchid bee.

Farewell lunch
I could eat some of the food 
Evanir has his tie off already
On Saturday we explored Vila Madalena neighborhood. We had a bus ride and a bit of a walk to get there. We started by passing through the Feira.
Flower on our walk
Nice produce - broccoli anyone?
No one seems to wear hats here and when they do, it's a baseball cap. I got a hat to keep the sun off my head. As we were walking through the feira another man came up saying he liked my hat.
Two Caipiras
 We walked around the neighborhood. We visited a bookstore. I'm not as tempted as I might be in an English bookstore.
We couldn't fit into this bus
 We walked down a street that had grafiti (the good kind of wall paintings) on every wall. There were a lot of photographers taking pictures so we decided to do it ourself.
Our grafiti queen
 We walked through the São Paulo cemetery. No little gravestones here! Each place was a monument with a lot of artwork. Very interesting!
Walking through the pearly gates
As I mentioned, today was Father's Day in Brazil. I got a little gift package with cookies Diane will eat.
A Happy Father
We received an invitation for a baptism today after church. The family went all out to make it a special occasion. Even the mission president was there to speak (we think he is related to the family). Gustavo's brother is on a mission in Japan and gave a talk via technology. His little sister also gave a talk to a packed chapel - what a marvel!
Invitation to a baptism

 After the baptism we were invited to the luncheon held in the activity room of the condo. It was a lot of fun.
Ceia batismal
It has been a good week. Next week starts a new era as we learn to work through the Council Technology Specialists.

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