Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Piano

We found out that the Swensons have a piano in their apartment and don't even play it so we made arrangements for it to be moved to our apartment on Monday. It came with a piano tuner and everything, which was good because it had been left for a long time and was about a whole step flat.
Our new piano
(in this picture it looks a little squat. It is between a spinet and an upright)
 Monday evening we had the Schioser's tell us about their mission in Public Relations. they travel to each stake in Brazil to give training.
Our FHE lesson
We really can't complain about our apartment. We have some new neighbors on the corner.

The home of our new neighbors
 We have a nice courtyard where the children gather to play.
Jump rope
On Tuesday we were returning to the office after lunch and a car passed by. The driver was Brother Lagermann who was the Elder's Quorum President in the Mountain Shadows Ward in Salt Lake. He's now in the bishopric. It was good to see him.
Memories of Mountain Shadows
We have been teaching English classes on Tuesday and Thursday which ends up being a lot of fun (though they are wearing). How do you get Brazilians to pronounce those English short vowels?
That's a bat, not a bet!
We have been getting ready for a visit by Elder Neil A. Anderson, which means extra technology, security, and cleaning of the chapel.
Benches up
 We were able to attend the missionary conference and everyone was able to pass by and shake his hand.
Welcome to Brazil
 His wife spoke in beautiful Portuguese and he gave much of his training in Portnhol (mixed Spanish and Portuguese). He did very well. Most of his message was on taking advantage of the atonement of Jesus Christ.
Elder Andersen
Friday night we went to Eldorado shopping to see Mission Impossible. Maybe our mission in Brazil is not quite so impossible. After the movie we went to a Mexican restaurant in the shopping. It was really noisy, but had good food.
The seniors waiting for dinner
One almost senior eating Mexican
This has been a nice week. We really enjoy having the piano. We need to get some piano music (Diane brought some organ music, but there are no organs around to play). 
Part of the beauty in Brazil

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