Sunday, October 4, 2015


We got a new neighbor this week. Sister Cox moved in next door. She is a social worker assigned to English-speaking missionaries in Brazil (at least those who speak English as their native language). She was a professor at BYU prior to her mission call.
Sister Wheeler and Sister Cox
We also had another area doctor and his wife arrive in Brazil, Elder and Sister Burke from Oregon (pictures to come later). We have spent a lot of the week helping them get set up for their missions here. 

We always like passing the temple and meeting the young sister missionaries. They always have big smiles and are excited about their work here in São Paulo. Two are from Bahia, one from Curitiba, and one from Florianópolis.

Our wonderful sister missionaries
There is a big dip in the road by our apartment building that catches buses if they don't get it just right. It backs up traffic until they get them unstuck.
Stuck bus
We have a handyman at the offices that can fix anything from mechanical problems to electrical problems.

Looks mechanical
Must be electrical
Monday we were in charge of Family Home Evening. We gave a cultural lesson on the 64 national parks of Brazil. Diane had the dinner of rice bowls - rice with a lot of toppings. It was very good. 

We had a WebEx (Internet communications) meeting with other Area Technology Specialists from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. I guess we aren't too far off base with what we are doing in Brazil.

We had a wonderful General Conference this weekend and were able to get most of it on our TV (thanks to ROKU) with just a few internet glitches. We thought we wouldn't be able to get out this week, but the first session of conference starts at 1 pm, so we were able to go out a bit in the morning.

Saturday morning we went to the candy store and a Saturday feira (market). We were able to find several things we have been looking for (wheels for our shopping cart, screen for the kitchen drain, a bug zapper, and ginger).

Tree in bloom by the gazebo in our complex
Candy store
Halloween is coming!
 I shouldn't complain about the lack of parking space in Utah.
Some cars are just too long for parking
Maracujá (passion fruit) at the feira
Houses behind the feira
Since we didn't have our normal morning meetings today we decided to go to mass. On Sunday mornings the monks at the São Bento Monastery hold mass with Gregorian chanting for the music. I remember a telling our Catholic sergeant in the army that I would like to go to mass because I liked the old music. He told me that they now only play rock music. It was a good experience with messages about marriage and family. We stood in the back during the service.

São Bento Monastery
Musicians outside the church
Old-day saints
A Latter-Day Saint
 It was too bad we couldn't take pictures inside. The chapel was full with a lot of people worshiping the Savior in their own way. I could see the contrast with listening to the apostles and prophets in General Conference.
Typical Brazilian newsstand
It has been a good week helping new missionaries get settled and topping it off with a wonderful conference.

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