Sunday, October 25, 2015


On Tuesday we went to Fortaleza, a beautiful city on the Atlantic Ocean known for its beaches. We had a nice view from our hotel room.

Atlantic Ocean from our room
 We then went out to find some lunch. We found a very nice restaurant that served the best kabob we have eaten.
Look at this smile!
 We then walked along the beach.
Fortaleza, center of happiness
 We stopped at a travel office to get some information. It must be the city of happiness because Evan didn´t stop laughing the whole time we were there.
Evan is on the right
 We continued walking along the beach to get a little exercise.
Fortaleza skyline
On Wednesday we had a meeting with Josemar and Marcio, the two FM supervisors in Fortaleza. We then went around with Josemar to visit five of the buildings he manages.

Josemar with sister Wheeler

Garden inside a chapel
On Thursday we went with Marcio and President Freitas (a stake president who works with FM) to see six more chapels.

This is a tall chapel
 One of the chapels was being remodeled with the roof being replaced.
Old tile from the roof
Pres. Freitas and Marcio
 We had a nice traditional lunch from the area with carne do sol and baião de dois.
 Several of the buildings had parking under the building.
Chapel parking lot
Friday was our sightseeing day. We walked from the hotel to the center of the city. It was hot and tiring. We stopped at the statue of Iracema, a Tabajara princess who used magic to make a Portuguese sailor fall in love with her.
In fortaleza you can see the new and the dilapidated side-by-side,

Where should we live?
 There are several long piers that go out into the ocean. Some have old sections remaining.
Good place for fishing
 We went through the Centro Dragão do Mar, a cultural arts center. There are several theaters and a few art galleries.
Dragão do Mar
 One room in the museum was of particular interest showing the old cowboys of the Sertão (the dry desert area of the interior).
Is this really a vaquero
No, this is the way they dressed
We passed a nice looking monastery on the way.
The monestary
 We stopped by the Municipal Market which had many floors selling everything, especially cashews and clothes.

The concept of multi-level marketing
 There was a forró band playing outside the market.
Anyone for forró?
We went to the Centro de Turismo which was actually a Victorian prison where each of the cells was converted into shops selling art.
Look at those ugly faces
Lacework by hand
Sand paintings in a bottle
 We then walked home, very tired.
Fountain in a park
Local cathedral
Saturday was our anniversary. Diane came down with a cold so we took it easy.
Eating Caju (the fruit of the cashew nut)
Walk through a Japanese garden
A shorebird
 We decided that since we are here on the beach we needed to get our feet wet in the Atlantic
Playing "sneaky water"
Does it look like she´s sick?
Is this getting your feet wet?
 We had training for the Council Technology specialists in the evening. There are two of them in Fortaleza.
The CTSs of Fortaleza (plus a bishop who gave us a ride)
On Sunday we were able to go to church at the Aldeota Ward in the oldest chapel in Fortaleza. We got there before 8:30, but the meetings didn´t start until 9 am. It was the Primary program, which was a lot of fun. Karina Snyder is married to an American and will be moving to Arizona in December. She was excited about practicing her English.
Karina and her daughter Sarah
Aldeota Ward building
We had training for the STSs tonight. It was a good turnout, but the projector was of poor quality. Regina is a female as an assistant technology specialist here in Fortaleza. It was delightful to meet her and hear her enthusiasm about meetinghouse technology.
Technology Training

Tomorrow we return to São Paulo. We kind of miss being there.

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