Sunday, November 1, 2015

At home in São Paulo

We returned to São Paulo on Monday. When we returned to our apartment we saw a few changes - a new air conditioner and a new dryer. We changed, unpacked, went to the grocery store, did a load of wash, then went to the office. It was just before time for Family Home Evening.

As part of Family Home Evening they had some Halloween activities, including decorations and a skit from Hamlet.

Decorating for Halloween
FHE group
The Witches brew
We spent most of the week pulling together what we did for our last trip and planning our trip for next week. We were very tired all week, especially Diane with her cold. 

We are back to our routine with English classes on Tuesday and Thursday and Portuguese classes on Wednesday and Friday and a leadership training every morning.

Flower by the temple
Planter face while walking home
Can you believe, it's Christmas time, at least in the mall. Everything is nicely decorated.
Santa's treehouse
Indoor railroad
 Saturday was Halloween. We got a little candy, but not enough. The children came in large groups so we soon ran out of treats.
A treat left on our doorstep
We have all the travel arrangements for next week, we only need to get our meetings arranged. After the next trip we should be able to sit tight for a few months.

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