Thursday, November 19, 2015


Maceió is the capital of Alagoas, named after the lagoons formed by reefs a ways from the coast. We got up about 3:30 am to get ready for a 5:30 am flight on a small prop plane to Maceió, João Edwards, the FM for Maceió met us at the airport. On the way to the hotel we stopped by the Farol chapel where they were pruning bushes.
The pruning forest
 We then went to the FM office where we gave a presentation to João and his assistant, Estevão.
João and Estevão
 We went to another chapel then checked into the hotel about 12:45 pm.
View from our hotel room
 We had lunch then went to visit other chapels.
House across from a chapel
One of the big chapels
Common transport in the city
 We got back in the evening and walked around the beach area and through some crafts booths.
Filé lace common in Maceió
Palm tree along the beach
 On Wednesday morning we took a city tour with one other couple in a small car. The tour guide spoke in the local unintelligible language at the rate of 60 mph in a 40 mph zone. I´m sure he had a lot of information, but I only got about 20% of it.
Old historic building
Independance square
Landing site for pigeons
Old church
 We stopped at a vista looking at the ocean from across the city.
Look out for these two
 He then took us to a neighborhood where the filé lace is made.
Lace shops
Diane buying lace
Nick-knacks we didn´t buy
Interesting store corner
 We got back about noon and had time to walk along the beach.
Horse cart on the beach
"I Love Maceió"
Lighthouse on the point
 We went back to our room to change for our training meeting.
A moose left in our room
 We had training for Jobil, the CTS of Maceió in the evening. They were having a church activity at the chapel where we had the training.
FM and Jobil (on right) for training
Christmas activity at the church
 We didn´t have to leave for Salvador until this afternoon so we had time to walk along the beach again Thursday morning and purchase a few gifts.
Boats in the lagoon
Boats on the shore
 We were able to go back to the hotel to clean up and pack before leaving about 1 pm.
Unusual plant in the hotel
We were only in Maceió for a couple of days, but we enjoyed it and feel like we were able to accomplish a lot in the training.

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