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On Thursday we took a bus to Recife, a few hours from João Pessoa. We are now midway on our travels. After being dropped off at our hotel we walked down to the beach. Recife is not known for its great swimming because of the many sharks along the reefs.
Church on the way to the beach
Shark warning
In the evening we went to the Recife temple for a 5 pm session. The session was full so we decided to do 5:30 pm sealings (which didn´t get started until 6:20 pm). We stopped at a churrascaria close to our hotel for dinner.

The pool from our window
Friday was our tour day. We took a taxi with Domingos, a member of the church in Recife, who took us all around to see the sights. 

We first went to the Teatro Santa Isabel for a quick peak since they were rehearsing. 
Teatro Santa Isabel
We then went to Palácio do Governo, a very ritzy home for the governor after independence.

Governor´s Palace
Stained glass window showing independence
Meeting room
Our tour guide
We next went to Capela Dourada, a sacred arts museum next to a nunnery. 
Capela Dourada
Death of a priest
We then converted from Catholicism to Judaism. When the Dutch ruled Recife many Jews came from the Inquisition in Portugal. When the Portuguese ruled in Recife, the Jews had to flee to the interior of the state; 
We went to a Frevo museum which had big "dolls" of famous people they parade through the streets at Carnaval. 
Meet the Beatles
Umbrella used in Frevo
We then went to a Frevo school museum where they showed the history of frevo as part of Carnaval, 
History of Frevo
 There are a lot of colored homes and buildings in the Old Town.
They like color
We really liked the Museu Cais do Sertão, which is about like in the interior of the Northeast. This is a desert area with simple people living a hard life. 
Figurines about the Sertão
Common items from the Sertão
Country kitchen
We made a stop at Marco Zero where the Portuguese first landed in Recife. 

Marco Zero
Welcome to Recife
Across the square was a sports museum.
Sports museum
Olympic torch collection
We then went to Olinda, a town about 8 km from Recife where the Portuguese first settled.
Picture on a restaurant wall
A church and the ocean
Restaurant where we had lunch
 We saw one of several old churches in Olinda
Old church
View of another church
We then walked through a crafts market where we bought some carvings.

Wood carving in Olinda
Tower in Olinda
 There are many streets with very colorful houses
Colored, houses of Olinda
Another old church in Olinda
 We went back to the hotel for a brief rest then went to training. While at the church we met Cassio who has a mission call to the Salt Lake south Mission, Portuguese speaking,
Cassio at the Institute
Saturday we took it easy and caught up on some work in the hotel room. We took a little time to walk along the beach.

Fishermen on the reef
Umbrellas for beach sitting
Let´s go fly a kite
He actually caught a fish

Sunday Domingos picked us up for church. After church he took us with the sister missionaries, Sister Trindade and sister Camargo, to his home for a delicious lunch.
Is Christmas here already?
 In the evening we had training with the STSs in Recife.
Another training.
Monday was our day with the FM groups. There are actually two FM groups in Recife. We started with a training session with them.

Training for the FM groups
 We then went out to visit chapels.
Not another chapel!
FMs with a bishop who let us in
 There is a string influence of the Sertão in the city as evidenced by horse carts.
 We stopped by the temple and take pictures, since it was too dark at night when we went to the temple.
Mango trees at the temple
Recife Temple
We had a good time in Recife. We were able to see a bit of the city and had three training sessions.

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