Sunday, May 12, 2013

Choir concert

Dec 17-23, 2012:

Another chaotic week. It started out great on Monday. Hanna went to school. Kamary got off by herself. Diane took Alyssa and Kohler to school. Jason headed for Salt Lake in the van about noon. Then at 1:30 pm, Jason called saying he was stranded in Mantua. After spending $2000 to get the van fixed it died and could not go on. Rain turned to snow as Andrea and Brinlie went to rescue Jason. Diane picked up Hanna from the high school then Alyssa, Kohler, and Lauren from the elementary school (Kamary was able to make it back on the bus). How do you handle a day like this? Andrea and Jason took their family caroling followed by Family Home Evening and Hot Cocoa Krispies.

It has been so busy it has been hard to do any Christmas shopping. We finally got a chance on Tuesday and Wednesday. While Diane scoured the stores at the mall, Paul watched Lauren and Brinlie at the little play area in the mall. Fortunately, Diane was able to go to book-club on Wednesday night for their potluck dinner.

On Thursday evening we went to the Hillcrest Christmas choir concert at the middle school. Each age group got to perform several musical numbers. It was a good break from running around all week.
Kohler - farthest right on front row

Alyssa - 3rd from left on front row

Kamary with her friend Valerie
On Friday we decided to go to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. After dropping Alyssa and Kohler off at school and stops in Ogden and Layton we were on our way to Salt Lake. We were able to see the new City Creek Center that replaced the ZCMI Center and Crossroads Mall. It was fun to walk around and at least see the expensive stores. We especially wanted to visit the Disney Store for a gift for Alyssa, but they were sold out. We were able to see the lights at Temple Square and talk to some sister missionaries from Brazil. Diane actually had the courage to say a few things. It was a good break.

Diane at the City Creek Center
Saturday was the eagle court of honor for Brooks Kendrick who is in the teacher's quorum president. Brooks is also very eager to lead out.

Sunday brought our sacrament meeting Christmas program for the ward. The choir did very well (in spite of very rough rehearsals). Diane also substituted on the organ. This was the 4th advent so we had a German dinner with red cabbage, mashed potatoes, and a brownie/raspberry trifle for desert. We read a story from the life of President Monson then lit the 4th advent candle. We then all went downstairs and watched the movie "The Nativity".

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