Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snow in Logan

Nov 10-16, 2012

It looks like winter has finally come to Logan. It's exciting for the Arizonians to have snow. It has also been a hectic week for Diane who had an added responsibility taking care of grandchildren since Andrea has had a lot of extra activities. Piano lessons have also been added to the mix. It is difficult for Diane to get her house in order after the mission. She has been able to attend a DUP luncheon and a Relief Society dinner, however.

With the cold weather outside we have been walking with Leslie (our DVD walking coach) in the mornings. On Thursday evening Paul took Kohler and Lauren to the university to see the senior projects. They had a good time watching the robots and talking to engineering students. Hanna was able to start school on Friday just to have a seizure in her first class. This has been a tough few weeks for Hanna.

Christmas time is coming faster than we are ready. Saturday we walked around downtown looking at the gingerbread houses in the stores. This is one of the nice traditions Logan has for Christmas.

Sunday was full of meetings, our regular morning schedule, a frustrating choir practice, and conflicting meetings in the afternoon. Fortunately we had a few moments in the afternoon for family pictures and time in the evening for making gingerbread houses
Arizonians in the snow

They need to get some coats

This is enough to be scary

Gingerbread house in the making

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