Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kohler is baptized

Dec 3-9, 2012

Monday (Nov 3) was the first day of school for most of the children. Kamary is going to Mount Logan middle school. Alyssa and Kohler go to Hillcrest elementary school. Lauren also goes to Hillcrest, but is in kindergarden and only attends in the afternoon. Hanna will be going to Logan High School, but needs to wait until they set up a special program for her. For family home evening we went through the book "The Christmas Train" narrated by President Monson. It set a good tone for Christmas. We then decorated the Christmas tree followed by cake and ice cream.

Decorating the Christmas tree
This has been a week of adjustment. Kamery needs to catch the bus to the middle school by 7:40 am, unless the bus comes early (or Kamary is late) in which case someone needs to take her to school. Meanwhile, Alyssa and Kohler need to be to school by 9:00 am (unless one of them decides not to feel well and needs to be taken later). Lauren needs to be to school by 1:00 pm. Hanna is still waiting for the high school to determine her schedule. This has made it difficult for our morning walks. Meanwhile Andrea's van broke down and will need extensive (meaning expensive) work to make it safe to drive. Of course, this makes everyone on edge (which edge, I don't know).

Fortunately there were a couple of diversions this week. Diane was able to have lunch with some of her FUFF friends at the Apple Spice Bakery on Tuesday. On Thursday we (Paul & Diane) were able to take a break and go to the mall. We also had the ECE Department Christmas dinner at the Coppermill. Paul and Ron Harris were in charge of the program, which included some jokes (no puns, of course) and games. We also had the ward Christmas party on Saturday. There were a lot of people we didn't know, but it was nice anyway.

Sunday (Dec 9, 2012) was Kohler's baptism in Salt Lake. Diane has been trying all week to find a new suit for his baptism. She has had new dresses for the girls when they were baptized. She finally found one on Saturday that would work and a white shirt in a different store. On Sunday we went to church, choir practice, then got a quick lunch before going to Salt Lake for the baptism. We had a soup dinner (with several types to choose from among) at the Smiths and then went to the church for the baptism at the stake center in the evening. It was a delightful occasion for us to see our only grandson baptized. After the service we returned to the Smiths for cookies then drove back to Logan. We were thankful that we had good weather with all of the traveling.
Soup time

Happy family at baptism

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