Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thanksgiving in Washington

Nov 19-25, 2012:

After being home from Canada for six months we finally decided to use the blog as a family blog instead of just a mission blog. That means there is some catching up to do. There seems to be fewer photos, but we should be able to correct that in the future.

With our mission talk in sacrament meeting over and little time to rest after our trip across country, we left early Monday morning (Nov 19) for Washington state. It has been a long time since we have seen Diane's parents so we planned to join them for the American Thanksgiving. We were able to stay at Blair and Janae's bed-and-breakfast (which included wonderful dinners) while we were in Washington. Blair has a new job in Spokane, but their house has not yet sold so we were able to enjoy Janae's hospitality.

On Tuesday we were able to help Mom set up her computer to handle her embroidery patterns. In the afternoon we visited with John and Karen then went to Yoplicity (a frozen yogurt places run by Johnny - Diane's cousin). This was followed up by a delightful pork roast dinner at Janae's, for which we were very thankful.

Wednesday was cleaning and baking day. We pulled out Mom & Dad's media center, rearranged all the cables so it now works (kind of) and cleaned behind everything. While Mom and Diane baked some pies, Paul raked up leaves in the yard. This was followed by another delicious meal at Janae's, this time with Don and Nadine for company.

Thanksgiving day finally arrived (Nov 22). Even though we had two thanksgiving meals over the past two days, the official Thanksgiving meal was even more spectacular. It was good to have Blair back from Spokane. Hopefully they will be able to sell their home soon, but we really enjoyed staying there for the week.

On Friday we returned home. We left about 6 am and arrived about 5 pm. We stopped in Nampa to visit Darwin and leave some Christmas packages. When we got back home we were tired, but started sorting through old mail collected over the past 18 months.

Riding off into the sunrise

Many of our things have been stored away in the attics. On Saturday were were finally able to start looking through the boxes. This was followed by running around town to take care of odds and ends.

We met with the high council early early Sunday morning to report our mission. It only took about half and hour including another missionary who was reporting. As we went to church we noticed a new sidewalk had been put in on the corner. It has been a hazard for many years. I guess it takes going on a mission to get certain things done.

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