Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 2013 Highlights

August has come and gone making us wonder if we really did anything. We returned from Yellowstone and settled down into our normal routine.

On August 7th we had the annual Bear Lake day for the Young Men and Young Women. Paul was riding up the canyon with Nancy Jensen and a carload of boys. We noticed another carload of boys along the side of the road; the car had stopped and couldn't be started again. A cool head by Nancy led us back to Zanavoo where we could get cell phone reception to call a tow truck for the car and to call Diane to bring our car as a rescue. We all made it to Bear Lake. The favorite activity was riding on an inflated raft behind the boat. Hanna had the time of her life as she challenged even the priest to a rough ride.

We ended up the regular season for AWHC this month. It has been quite a time commitment, but also a lot of fun.
Diane works on her rug hooking
Making rag dolls
Kamary had the opportunity to attend voice camp at USU this month. She was in classes and rehearsal every day for a week. At the end of the week they had a recital for her class and a concert for the whole camp. She sang in the choir, a small, ensemble, and a solo.
Kamary in ensemble
What a beautiful vocal solo

It seems like everyone in the house loves the computer. That includes Brynlie. I guess it's time to send her to pre-school. 
Brynlie at the computer
We decided to get away from it all and hide away in Rich & Ginny's cabin in the Sierra Nevada's. We flew into San Jose on August 12th, spent the week in California then flew back in the 23rd. It was a good break. Details will be in a separate blog.

Paul has been consulting for three law firms on a personal injury case that involved a backup alarm. He made measurements back in 2009 and thought the case was over. When we returned from our mission he was asked to make an analysis and provide a professional report which he did this spring. In preparation for the trial in September, he was asked to return to the site and make additional measurements. he now has his own sound level meter which he updated with sound recording capability. Much of the time at the cabin was spent in figuring out how to make this expensive (and complicated) equipment work so measurements would be easy at the time they were made. On August 29th we went to Ogden to make the measurements. All went very well and the recordings worked better than expected. We will see what happens in trial next month.

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