Monday, November 4, 2013

July 2013 Highlights

July has been an event-packed month. Some of the event will be on separate posts. It started out with a little hike up Green Canyon. There is a little trail right at the beginning of the canyon that is just right for a young family. We were able to climb up to the cave as well.

The hike begins 
Sisters - Alyssa, Kamary, and Hanna
Best friends
Or enemies 
Around the camp
Up to the cave
Back from the cave
Alyssa is our creative playwright. She writes the script for her and her younger siblings. this one is in celebration of our county's birthday. 
Alyssa with a captive audience
We went to the hillside by the stadium to see the fireworks on July 3rd (Don't ask me why Logan always celebrates the 4th of July on July 3rd). We were close enough to even see the low flying fireworks in the stadium without having to buy tickets. We went to Tony Grove Lake to celebrate the 4th of July (see the separate blog).

Diane and I decided to take a trip to Washington to visit her parents and to look around the Pacific Northwest a little. It ended up that I had some business in Oakland, California so we continued on to that part of the world before we returned to Utah (see the separate blog).

When we got back we celebrated Kamary's 12th birthday on July 22nd. It's hard to believe she is in Young Women's already. Our grandchildren are growing up fast. 

Candles on the birthday cheesecake
She can still blow the out
Some happy birthday cheese (from the cake?)
After Kamary's birthday we celebrated Pioneer Day (July 24th) volunteering at the American West Heritage Center. There are a lot of activities around Logan, but AWHC is a nice place to be. Besides driving the train Paul has been learning about being a mountain man, a wood wright, and blacksmith. He would really like to certify as a steam engine operator and run the steam-powered tractor. 

Pioneers on Pioneer Day
Mountain man trading post
Wood wright shop
Mike, the blacksmith 
Steam-powered tractor
We decided we needed a family vacation so we all went to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. It has been a long time since Andrea was there and Jason was only a child when his family went. None of the grandchildren have been there. It was a lot of fun (with plenty of rain), but the pictures will have to wait on a future blog. 

We rounded out the month with a stake swim party without the grandchildren. The were visiting Salt Lake and planning to return for the swim party. They were involved in a traffic accident (a teenaged boy ran a red light and totaled their van). All were shaken up, but none were really injured (a miracle indeed). Now they will need to learn how to get around with out their van.

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