Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 2013 Highlights

It is October, that means it is Fall-time. We got a full dose this month of the American West Heritage Center. Fall is their favorite time of year. Paul agreed to help out with the train for their corn maze (which got rained out two of the three nights). We both helped for their Fall Festival (Oct 18-19), which meant two long days. Daphne showed Paul how to make a cornhusk doll which he decided to call Daphne. Diane helped at the pioneer village and also worked at the mercantile.
Daphne, Daphne, and Paul 
Cornhusk doll makers
The mercantile worker
Along with the Fall Festival was the Haunted Hollow. Diane was the gatekeeper to let the groups go into the hollow. Paul was a miner that "welcomed" them when they reached the long, dark, haunted mine. Kamary and Alyssa were young ghosts in the ghost-town (which was the eeriest of the whole hollow). It was a lot of fun, but it made for a few long nights.

Paul decided to change careers so he is taking a class on blacksmithing each Wednesday night. He is learning how to make some useful items, but can't seem to make them look very good.

Dave and Faye stopped by for a visit this month. They have been called as employment missionaries and showed Paul how to get on the church's employment website - no jobs open for a blacksmith. We went to the Provo Temple on Oct 4 for the Sealing of Mike and Faye Lynette and their family. This was a special time since most of Dave & Faye's family were there as well as Ken (from Richard's family) and Julie (from Doug's family). It brought back the special love we have for each of them. After being in the temple we went to our mission reunion with President & Sister Eyre. It was good to see some of the missionaries we knew in Canada, but it reminded us that we can never go back. Everyone keeps changing.

Diane's birthday was on Oct 7th. I keep waiting for her to grow up so she will be old enough for Medicare, but I just need to be patient with these youngsters. Andrea tried to make a gluten-free angel-food cake, but she didn't know that they never turn out right. It tasted good, though.
The birthday cake
Quite a blaze
What do I do with these?
Fall also brings rain, which brings a mushroom farm in the front yard. They grow overnight in large clumps, killing off the grass. Fall also fuels the need to change something in the house. This time it was to move Hanna into her own room, the small office in the basement. To make the move also required moving bookcases around to create a smaller bedroom for Kohler, Lauren, and Brynlie. It is looking good, however.

Every year Providence has a sauerkraut festival. Diane talked Paul into taking her this year. They had a turkey dinner at the Old Rock Church. Paul was able to find something he could eat (without the sauerkraut, of course).
Sauerkraut anyone?
After dinner we went to the tabernacle where they held an international concert with music from Scotland, Ireland, India, and Brazil. One of Paul's former students, Arial, from the Dominican Republic, was the MC for the concert.
Arial, the MC - the other pictures were blurry
It was also the art walk in Logan where we were able to go to multiple art galleries and see the art of local artists. It's a lot of fun.

Well, the big event of the month was our trip to Peru (Oct 22 to Nov 1), but that will have to wait for its own blog.

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