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Pacific Northwest - July 2013

We decided it would be good to visit Diane's parents in Washington and maybe drive around the Pacific Northwest a little.

July 5, 2013
We got off about 9:30 am and took the scenic route (I-84) to Washington. We stopped at Minidoka National Historic Site, a memorial to the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II. It is in the middle of nowhere (outside of Jerome, Idaho). It was interesting to look around and contemplate what happened there.
Minidoka NHS 
Some were repatriated
One man never went home
We then went on a back road past Thousand Springs where waterfalls come out of the side of the canyon wall.
Thousand Springs
We continued on to Haggerman Fossil Beds National Monument by Hagerman, Idaho, a site for fossils of ancient horses (maybe it's the some of the horses from the Book of Mormon). It also has part of the Oregon Trail going through it. 
Hagerman Fossil Beds NM
Lake where fossils are found
An Oregon girl on the Oregon trail
What happens to horses after a million years in the desert 
Downtown Hagerman
 We stopped by Nampa, Idaho to visit Darwin and Missy and their girls. We really enjoyed seeing them again. It has been a long time. We then went on to Calwell, Idaho and spent the night with Tony and Emily. We really appreciated their hospitality.

July 6, 2013
This morning we had a nice breakfast with Tony and Emily before we continued on to Washington. They have a fun family and it is always good to see them.
Reading to Lia and Micah
Add Tony and Adam
that green stuff actually tastes good 
The Bradshaw family
We left about 8:30 in the morning and headed to Washington. When we got to Baker City, Oregon we decided to stop at the  Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.  It has nice dioramas of what it was like to be a pioneer. We really enjoyed the film presentations also. 
The Oregon Trail
Trading time
Modern pioneer 
In a rut
We had lunch in La Grande and then continued on until we arrived at Mom and Dad’s at about 1:30 pm (Pacific time). We had a good visit in the afternoon then spent the night with John and Karen. They have a lovely home, just the right size for a retired couple. 
John & Karen's family room and kitchen

July 7, 2013
Today was Sunday. We went over to Mom and Dad's about 9:30 then joined them for church starting at 1 pm. After church we went to Don and Nadine's for a wonderful dinner. Jericho was there. It was good to see him again. 

July 8, 2013
Today was a work day. I helped Mom sort out files on her computer. Diane helped lay out a quilt top. Daddy worked in the yard. We ran some errands in town and ate lunch at the Country Buffet. We went to John and Karen's for a marvelous gluten-free dinner, including ginger snaps and banana bread. 
Daddy with his mower

July 9, 2013
Today was Diane's parent’s 65th wedding anniversary. Diane helped Mom make apricot jam. We went to the store planning to get some apricots to make more jam, but the didn’t have any. We met Don and Nadine at a restaurant called The Country Gentleman and had a very good meal and enjoyed visiting with everyone.  
Mushrooms grow big in Wahington
Daddy cares for Blair's bonsai plants
Mom prepares breakfast
July 10, 2013
Today we headed off to Oregon. We traveled toward Portland then took took the Mount Hood scenic route starting at Hood River. It was a pretty drive. We had nice views of Mount Hood. 
Mount Hood through the trees
Mount Hood
We stopped at Timberline Ridge Lodge and there were people skiing on Mount Hood. Mount Hood has the longest ski season in North America. 
Timberline lodge 
Skiing in July
View of mountains in the distance
Mount Hood from the lodge
We then continued on through the Cascade scenic byway. They were pretty drives. 
Cascade mountains
Lake in the Cascades
We spent the night in Springfield, Oregon (which is next to Eugene). 
July 11, 2013
We left at about 9 am and headed for Oregon Caves National Monument. We stopped briefly in Grants Pass and saw the Oregon Caveman.

Oregon Caveman
We then went on a very windy, but scenic road to the monument. 
Oregon Cave NM
Monument Entrance
We were scheduled for the 2:45 tour. The tour was nice. The caves are marble caves, but they have many of the same formations as other caves we have been in. 
Cave entrance 
The long tunnel 
Giant monster
Bleeding hearts
We made it through
We took a nature trail back to the visitor center after we got out of the cave. It had beautiful views of the mountains. 
Nature trail
Handsome couple
View from the trail
We then headed to Crescent City CA and are staying in the Bayview Inn. 

July 12, 2013
 We went out and explored the town of Crescent City and the coast. 
Studio behind our hotel
We walked out on a pier and saw many seabirds and a couple of sea lions. A lady trying to catch crabs had caught a starfish. 
Girl with the starfish
We then went to the Battery Point Lighthouse. It is only accessible at low tide. 
The lighthouse
Battery Point 
A nice place to live
A crane crossing the causeway at low tide
We then headed south. We stopped at some viewpoints along the way.
A lily pad lake
We then visited the Trees of Mystery Museum. It was a museum of Indian artifacts. They had a statue of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his blue ox, outside. 
Paul and Babe
Indian artifact museum
Grin and bear it

We took a scenic road and stopped at the “Big Tree” we also took a short nature walk. 
In the leafy treetop
Big Tree trail 
The Big Tree
We stopped at a visitor center in Elk Prairie. We then took the Avenue of Giants. It is a beautiful scenic drive through the Redwoods. 
How many rings does this tree have?
We decided to take highway 1 along the coast. We saw some nice views of the ocean. 
Ocean view
We stopped in Mendocino to go to Lark in the Morning store, but it was no longer there. We found the Albion River Inn and decided to splurge. We got a room that has a lovely ocean inlet view. 
Our Inn by the ocean
Our room is upstairs
Our room
Our view of the bay
We went to the restaurant that is part of the inn and shared a dinner of duck breast. 
The restaurant
July 13, 2013
 We had a nice breakfast this morning. We took some pictures before we headed south. We were able to see some nice scenes of the coast. 
Looking over the Pacific Ocean
Beautiful flowers at the Inn
We were able to see some nice scenes of the coast. 
Coastal scene
We stopped at one lighthouse, but we looked at it from the distance. 
Point Arena Lighthouse
Rocky shore by the lighthouse
 We continued on to Bodega Bay.  The lady at the visitor information center told us that our present route would take us about 5 more hours to get to San Jose so we decided to take a different road to Highway 101. We continued on that road until we got through San Francisco and onto I-280. We arrived at Rich and Ginny’s at about 3:30 pm. We enjoyed visiting with Steve, Melissa, and Rich and Ginny. 

July 14, 2013
This morning joined Rich and Ginny at their church. In the afternoon we were able to visit and rest. 
Anna and the TV
July 15, 2013
            This morning we went to the container store with Rich and Ginny. In the afternoon Rich and Ginny caravanned with us to Oakland. I rode with Richard and Ginny rode with Paul. As we got to the airport area we pulled into a parking area of a business and changed cars. Rich and Ginny then went on to the cabin and we just went around the corner and soon found the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. We checked in and Paul had his conference call. We relaxed and then we went across the street to Carrows for dinner. 

July 16, 2013
Paul attended a deposition at the hotel all morning as an expert witness. I watched “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” and did some rug hooking while Paul was in his meeting. We then went through slow traffic until we got to Fairfield at the Jelly Belly Bean factory. We were able to get something to eat then go on their tour. It was interesting to see how they make jellybeans. 
Jelly Belly factory 
Jellybean-shaped pizza for lunch 
Jelly Belly tour
Ben Franklin out of jellybeans
We got into Reno at about 7 pm. We checked into the Lexington Inn and Suites. We went to the Grand Sierra Resort Casino and ate at their buffet. 

July 17, 2013
We checked out and were on our way by 6:45 am. We drove straight through, stopping for lunch in Elko, Nevada. Traveling along Highway 30 we saw an interesting cloud formation.
Clouds over Highway 30
We got home about 5 pm. It was a long, but enjoyable road trip.

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