Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 2013 Highlights

September is past and gone with not too much to show for it (at least in terms of pictures taken).

Labor day was literal - cleaning out the garage, fixing the lazy susan in the kitchen, and sorting out the music books. It was tiring, but worthwhile.

The kids are back into school. They have really settled down into their school activities since it is a continuation from last year rather than a total disruption. The USU Anthropological Museum had a special activity for the kids to go and learn more about Cambodia. It was a fun family activity. Kamary is taking voice lessons and Alyssa is starting to play the cello. Andrea decided she also wanted to learn to play the cello so they go together (Andrea as an aid) for early-morning orchestra.

Paul reserved the last two weeks of September for trial as an expert witness. He went to Ogden to look over the courtroom and determine how to play the sound clips he had recorded. Another day he went to Salt Lake to the law offices for a debriefing in preparation for testifying in court. While he was there the parties decided to settle the case so he won't have to testify. That frees up the last two weeks of September.

Diane had been busy preparing for their Relief Society meeting this month - Early MTC. She arranged for two of our young sisters who have received their call (Sydney and Camille) to give short skits on what can go wrong if you are not prepared for a mission. Others then gave guidance on how we can help prepare for missions in the home. It was a wonderful success.

Paul has been going through old pictures to try to reconstruct our family history. Some are slides, some prints, and others photos on the computer. She has scanned in a lot of pictures and has been trying to associate them with family activities.

We need at least one picture for the month so here is Kamary at a Young Men/Young Women activity at the Willow Park zoo.
Zoo animal

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